Preventative: We recognize that parenting is hard work, and we are there to support parents address issues before they become a bigger problem.  Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time!

Our Strengths:

  • Being non-statutory we engage better with the harder to reach parents, we build a non-threatening personal relationship with a parent or carer which helps them trust a volunteer to address issues that have been identified.
  • Proven that Early Help prevents a high percentage of parents from going into crisis and by supporting parents in their own homes gives them more control of their lives and we are not time limited.
  • 46% of the parents we support will go onto support other parents within our service or have found other outside opportunities available to them…volunteering, education or employment within the community.
  • Parents and volunteers are involved in shaping our and other services within our local community.
  • We prevent children from being taken into care by supporting the parents understand and meet their children’s needs.
  • Keep children safe from harm.


  • Parents gain improvement in mental health, increase confidence and build their self-esteem.
  • Prevent family breakdown.
  • Parents cope better and find solutions with situations they may be living with.
  • Parents will form stronger attachments with their children and care for and meet their children’s emotional and physical development.
  • Families gain a better quality of life and have more solid relationships and attachments.
  • Children are happier and attend and do better at school.
  • Parents begin to or achieve to use other mainstream services with confidence in supporting their growing families needs.
  • Parents begin to contribute to their local community

We use advanced measuring tools to evidence what works.   We use coping scores to measure the family’s journey.  Monitoring and evaluation allows us to develop our services to meet changing needs within our local community.

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