Home-Visiting Support

We visit families in their own homes where the dignity and identity of parents and their children can be protected, the individual needs of the family can be met and a parent’s innate strengths encouraged.

Volunteers Strengths:

Our committed and caring volunteers are all parents themselves or have experience of bringing up children.  They are friendly, approachable people who other parents can trust and rely on to listen without judging and help them to learn new skills and regain confidence in their own abilities to parent.

What do our volunteers do:

  • Be a good role model and help parents understand their children’s growing developmental needs.
  • The most powerful tool we can offer parents and children is the ability to listen and let them talk!
    Volunteers will listen without judgement in a safe place. Give a kind word and encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, allow them to shout, praise their achievements and support them with their struggles and help parents find their own solutions.
  • Support parents to work through their anxieties, phobias, eating disorders, depression and addictions or find available specialist support if needed.
  • Support parents with practical chores – Home management, safety, support them to understand forms and other literacy requirements. Take them to appointments. Explore and get them involved in the local community.
  • Play with and help children with homework.
  • Support families meet childcare plans.
  • Increase their social networks so parents can support each other.
  • Offer moral support, a second ear and a voice if required at meetings.
  • Signpost to specialist services.
  • Have Fun
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